Spicy 3 ingredients noodle soup at Dumpling Inn

One of our favorite Chinese restaurants in San Diego is the Dumpling Inn.  The place is small so you’ll need to get their before lunch or dinner rush hour if you don’t want to wait.  Besides the variety of dumplings like Xia Long Pao (soup dumplings), the place also has great noodle soups which I plan to eventually try all of them.

On this trip, I tried the spicy 3 ingredients noodle soup.  The 3 main ingredients are chicken, squid, and shrimp.  The soup also has brocolli, onions, and plenty of red chilis and pepper flakes.  I would recommend getting the house noodle which is $1 extra.   The broth was good but not great.  The spice level was just right although I didn’t eat any of the red chili peppers.

spicy 3 ingredients noodle soup

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