Is Eating Spicy Food Good For You?

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Is eating spicy food good for you? This is a common question for some. As long as you eat in moderation, it turns out there are some benefits of eating spicy food such as…

Spicy Food May Help You Lose Weight

If you are looking for what foods to help you lose weight, try adding a little kick to your food.  Studies have shown that adding spice not only curbs your hunger but can also increase your metabolism allowing your body to burn more energy quickly. There is some truth that you are actually burning calories when the sweating and increased heart rate that occurs while eating spicy food. You know the feeling when eating Thai food, right? Other studies have shown that the capsaicin found in chili peppers may cause the body to burn calories even after eating.

Adding a little chili seems an easy thing to do if you are trying to control your weight.

Spicy Food May Be Good for Your Mood

According to some other studies, capsaicin causes the brain to release some feel-good endorphins when your mouth recognizes the pain from the chiles. The endorphins supposedly dulls the pain from the heat while bettering your mood at the same time. So the next time you are feeling a little down or stressed out, kick it up with a little spice to change your mood.

Spicy Food May Be Good for Your Heart

Turns out capsaicin can be beneficial to your heart has well.  According to some reports online, capsaicin can help to increase the rate at which the body breakdowns cholesterol.  Vitamins found in chiles (A & C) can also help strengthen the heart muscles. Blood flow throughout the body also increases from the heat of the chiles. Who knew eating spice can help your cardio system.

Spicy Food May Help Cancer Prevention

When it comes to fighting cancer, some spicy foods have been shown to have some anti-cancer properties. According to some ongoing research, the same capsaicin that is benefical to your heart have been linked to help fight cancer with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has also shown that capsaicin may help slow the growth of prostate cancer. Another spice turmeric which contains the active antioxidant curcumin (commonly found in curry) has been found to have some anti cancer effects in initial research.

Spicy Food May Help You Live Longer

In a recent study in the BMJ, there is some evidence that spicy foods may even help you live longer. The researchers analyzed the consumption of spicy food of about half a million people in China in this study and found that the ones who ate spicy food showed a lower risk of death from heart diseases and cancer. While the study is not definitive, it does add to the debate about the potential health benefits of eating chiles.
Regardless of health benefits, I find that spicy foods are just more tasty and more enjoyable than bland dishes.

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