Chino Bandido

On our recent trip to Phoenix, we decided to try out a place recommended by a friend of ours called Chino Bandido which serves a fusion of Mexican and Chinese fast food.  Sure sounds like a weird combo, right?  But it’s actually pretty tasty…so tasty that we ate there a couple of times on the trip.

When you walk into the main door, you see the poster of Guy Fieri of the Food Network who apparently did a show about the place.  You order at the counter and they’ll bring the food to you.  There are a bunch of combinations that you can choose from.

I ended up choosing the jerk chicken, diablo chicken, jerk chicken fried rice, and the black beans. There was a slow build up of spice level on the jerk chicken.  The garlic, peppers, and green onions combo in the diablo chicken was tasty.

Chino Bandino

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